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Ten post dostępny jest także w języku: polski, provider of data center and cloud solutions, has prepared rescue packages for public institutions and commercial companies. The project is open to other IT companies.

Response to a pandemic

The worsening epidemiological situation is increasingly affecting the functioning of companies in the market. The lockdown spectrum and the related economic slowdown have led to increased anxiety among entrepreneurs and public institutions. In response to these problems, the company has prepared rescue packages to cover both commercial companies and public institutions.

,,As we feel that we cannot limit ourselves to passive observation of the situation. We have real possibilities to help public institutions and companies survive this difficult time, when under strong pressure to optimize and rationalize costs they are forced to reduce expenses and stop investments. Technology is now the foundation of education, remote working or sales, and efficient infrastructure is the driving force behind it. IT support during a pandemic cannot be abandoned. On the contrary. Efficient use of IT resources will help mitigate the negative economic and social impact of the pandemic”. – Wojciech Stramski, CEO of, points out.

According to, Polish companies in this difficult period should cooperate with each other, serving not only to develop the economy but also to prevent further development of the negative effects of the pandemic. Therefore, also encourages other companies from the IT sector to join its program, which with their solutions are able to support other companies and public institutions.

Details of assistance

Rescue packages announced by include the provision of service packages that will help increase business profitability and reduce the negative impact of Covid-19. The first “return collocation” package concerns the cooperation in which will purchase IT equipment (e.g. Data Matrix) from the companies participating in the program, which will allow you to free up funds frozen in the equipment and use it for investment or current operations. The condition of participation in the program is the obligation of the company to use hosting services for at least 3 years, of which the cost of the first months of the service is 1 PLN.

The second rescue package includes cloud services. With a contract for a minimum of 3 years, companies using cloud infrastructure can count on a discount of 50% for the first six months of using the service. The package also supports the process of migration to the cloud.

Public institutions will also be covered. Within the framework of the cooperation, such institutions as educational units, health service and local governments will be able to use the colocation service for 1 zloty for six months. As part of the package, the institutions that decide to use the rescue package will only be obliged to bear the costs of launching the service and electricity. The public administration will also be able to use the services of the public cloud e24cloud, which is available for 1 zloty for the next 6 months.

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