Recruiting employees is one of the major challenges for 2022.

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According to the Payroll Report 2022, companies in Poland will face recruitment and staffing problems. This year as many as 95% of organizations plan to hire a new employee, but at the same time 74% expect to have trouble finding the right person. The situation in the IT industry looks even more difficult, where as many as 77% of employers expect difficulties in finding the right person.

As many as 38% of IT professionals consider changing jobs

Companies want to focus on development, but they are fully aware that in order to achieve this they need new employees, who are increasingly difficult to find. This problem will particularly affect the IT industry, which in 2022 will be responsible for as much as 40% of recruitment procedures on the Polish market. To illustrate, sales professionals came in second, scoring 10 p.p. less than IT professionals. The report also states that hiring plans are primarily for full-time employees, 30% will work with contractors (B2B), and 26% will work with temporary and freelance workers.

When recruiting new employees, companies first and foremost want to provide the right tools to grow the business. One in three organizations also indicate that they want to find suitable replacements for current employees.

Financial aspect

Financial issues are the main reason for looking for a new employer. In the report we read that in 2021. 57% of organizations in Poland planned to increase salaries, but as many as 71% of the surveyed companies decided on such a move. This is an important aspect especially in the IT industry, where in times of pandemic the level of specialists’ salaries systematically increased. Moreover, in IT, the most important reason for considering a change of job is the salary – indicated by 65% of respondents.

The Hays Payroll Report summarizes the salary levels offered to professionals and managers in over 450 positions. The report takes into account the perspective of companies – nearly 5,000 organizations operating in Poland – and the perspective of employees and candidates – over 5,200 people.

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