Record-high indebtedness of companies to telecoms companies


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The Covid-19 epidemic not only changed the way many organizations in Poland function. As a result of further restrictions and the associated transition to remote working, the companys debt to telecoms increased by over 46 million PLN.

Longer phone call time

One of the effects of coronovirus is an increase in the use of a business phone. According to the latest report of the National Debt Register, 1 in 5 employees has significantly increased the time spent on the phone.  Before the pandemic, the company phone was most often used for less than an hour. Due to coronavirus, 36% of employees stated that their working time with a cell phone was extended by less than an hour, 27% talked 1 to 2 hours longer, and 14% over 2 hours. As a result, the debt of companies in Poland to mobile phones increased to 364 million zlotys.

The situation is similar with the time spent on the Internet. One third of employees claim that the time spent online has increased by less than an hour, every fourth employee more than 2 hours and 17% more than 4 hours. Only 16% said they spend less than an hour on the Internet at work.

Nearly 1/4 of the debts belong to the retail sector

Analyzing the structure towards of debts to  telephones companys, the largest group are one-man businesses. They are responsible for 66% of total debt. In terms of debt size, the leading position is held by limited liability companies, joint stock companies and institutions, whose debt is at the level of PLN 191 million. According to KRD data, the largest debtor has over PLN 14 million to settle.

In the case of industries, retail and wholesale trade is characterized by the largest debt, which has 85 million PLN to pay back. The construction industry (42 million PLN) and transport and warehouse management (39 million PLN) also have large arrears.

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