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Sage Symfonia has made a change in its existing strategy due to a change in ownership. The company will be separated from the Sage Group and create its own brand under the name “Symfonia”.

New owner

Sage Symfonia is one of the largest providers of ERP systems on the Polish market, which has been operating for nearly 15 years. In connection with the acquisition of new investors the company has also recently undergone some organizational changes. Recall that at the end of 2020 the company was sold to the British organization Mid Europa Partners. The value of the transaction was approximately PLN 325 million, and the acquisition itself was finalized at the beginning of this year.

“The Symfonia brand has great potential. Both me and the Mid Europa team have a future with it, which assumes dynamic development of the company thanks to investments in local products and transformation to the cloud ”– commented in 2020 Piotr Ciski, president of the board of Sage Symfonia.


As a result of the brand rebranding associated with the change in ownership, Symfonia is planning several significant changes to help the company create an even stronger position in the market. One of them is to build an image based on the name “Symfonia”, previously known to customers, with which the company’s services have been associated for many years. The new logo, in turn, consists of a logotype and a plastic signet ring referring to the shape of a sound wave. This is a reference to the beginnings of the brand, when symphonic music motifs were widely used in communication.


The changes are also to cover the existing offer. The press release reads that the company plans to develop its offer for companies in the SME sector. However, Symfonia for now does not reveal more details. The entire rebranding process is to be introduced in several stages, with the first phase, concerning the name and logo change, expected to last until the end of August 2021.

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