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ITI Neovision is planning to rebrand the nc+ platform. Probably in the second half of this year its name will be changed to Canal+. This is related to the strategy focused on strengthening the Canal+ brand in the company’s television offer.

Canal+ will replace nc+

ITI Neovision – the company operating the nc+ platform plans to change its name to Canal+. This is the official information confirmed by Piotr Kaniowski, Corporate PR, Technology and Offers Manager at nc+. The planned rebranding is connected with the strategy of ITI Neovision aimed at strengthening the Canal+ brand in the TV services portfolio and further investments in the development of a strong Canal+ ecosystem focused on the sports and film content. According to Piotr Kaniowski, the company wants to change the name of the platform in the near future. It will probably be the second half of this year. As part of the rebranding, the company does not assume any ownership changes in the platform. Original programs from the Canal+ family remain one of the decisive advantages of the nc+ platform’s television offer on the pay TV market in Poland.

Canal+: stronger position on the VOD market

One of the points of the strategy of strengthening the Canal+ brand on the Polish market is the planned launch of the myCanal VOD service. The myCanal application belongs to the French media concern Vivendi (it includes the Canal+ group) and was developed in response to Netflix growing position. The date of the launch of the application in Poland is not yet known. However, unofficially, it is said that it will start this year.

The myCanal platform is a VOD library service that enables live and on-demand streaming of programmes. The service will be free of charge for Canal+ subscribers and may replace the existing service of mobile TV platform nc+ – nc+ GO. There is also talk of direct competition between myCanal and the Player platform (belonging to the TVN Group and Discovery Polska). If the new application is released in an open model, like Netflix or HBO GO, it may mean that the nc+ platform will become independent from Player, where some original productions from the Canal+ catalogue, such as “Kruk. Szepty słychać po zmroku” or “Nielegalni”, are available.

Position of the nc+ platform on the pay TV market in Poland

Nc+ is a satellite pay TV platform in Poland. With the number of subscribers at the level of nearly 2.2 million, it is second on the market, both in terms of satellite platform users and TV subscribers in general. The nc+ platform supports pay TV users mainly in less urbanised areas, which is mainly due to the greater technological capabilities of satellite platforms in these areas and increased competition of cable networks in larger cities.

Note: The study was conducted in the first quarter of 2019 using the CATI and CAWI methods on a group of about 1 160 adult Poles.
Source: PMR, 2019

More information on the pay TV market in Poland i the PMR report: Pay TV and VOD market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024.

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