Ransomware attack on the Medical Air Rescue

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In mid-February 2022, there was a successful ransomware attack on the Medical Air Rescue (LPR). Computer networks and infrastructure responsible for LPR communications became the target of cybercriminals. The hackers are demanding $390,000.

Paralysis of communication systems

On February 21, 2022, the Medical Air Rescue announced that it had been struggling with a hacker attack for a week, which paralyzed the computer network and communication. Ultimately, it turned out that a successful cyber attack was caused by ransomware, which installed malware as a result of an employee clicking on an unknown link. As a result, between 13 and 14 February this year. in LPR, the systems of key importance for rescuers, including the system for sending information about the details of the intervention, have ceased to function.

The Medical Air Rescue ensures that all calls for rescue missions and inter-hospital transports are carried out on an ongoing basis. Employees were forced to use alternative means of communication, including private mailboxes or mobile phones.

$390,000 ransom

Unofficially, it is reported that the cybercriminals demanded $390,000. ransom, but the Medical Air Rescue ensures that it has no intention of paying it. From the very beginning, IT employees belonging to LPR cooperate with state and external units that help restore LPR systems to full functioning.

It is attack on an unit who helps people every day – the sick and the injured in accidents and sudden illnesses. For the first time in the history of the LPR, someone tried to shake the activities of the Helicopter Medical Rescue Service and medical air transport “- comments the head of the LPR.

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