Ranking of CIT payers in the Polish ICT industry


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The Ministry of Finance has published data on the largest CIT payers in Poland. In the ICT industry, the largest payer among distributors is Also Poland, among Samsung manufacturers, and among the group Asseco Poland integrators.

ICT producers

According to data published by the Ministry of Finance on CIT payers in 2019, Samsung Electronics turns out to be the largest payer in the category of manufacturers in the Polish ICT industry. In 2019, the CIT cost of the South Korean giant in Poland amounted to 38.9 million PLN, while the company’s total revenues were at 6.93 billion PLN. However, this is not the only cost incurred by Samsung. Samsung Electronics Poland Manufacturing also operates on the Polish market, producing household appliances. In 2019, the company generated revenue of 3.5 billion PLN, while paying CIT of 28 million PLN.

IBM and its subsidiary IBM Global Service Delivery are also high in the ranking of CIT payers among ICT producers in Poland. In total, both entities paid CIT tax of 20.4 million PLN in 2019. At the same time, the revenues of IBM and IBM Global Service Delivery revenue were 987 million PLN and 838 million PLN respectively.

In terms of revenue volume, Huawei ranks second among ICT manufacturers in Poland. In 2019, the Chinese company achieved 3.75 billion PLN in revenue and paid 1.4 million PLN in CIT. In turn, another global giant, Microsoft, paid 14.5 million zlotys to the Polish tax office last year (with 402 million zlotys in revenue). The Cisco company also stood out with a large CIT tax in 2019, but did not achieve as much revenue as other players. In 2019, the company paid 16.5 million PLN of CIT with 569 million PLN of revenue.

ICT Distributors

Also Poland (2019 revenues of 3.4 billion PLN) is the largest CIT payer among distributors on the Polish ICT market. In 2019. (including the subsidiary Roseville Investments with last year’s revenue of PLN 1.75 billion) paid PLN 12.1 million in CIT. Interestingly, AB, which in 2019 achieved the highest revenue (4.9 billion PLN) among ICT distributors in Poland, paid only 8.3 million PLN of tax to the Polish treasury.

The third largest CIT payer in the category of distributors is Arrow ECS, which with a revenue of 734 million PLN last year paid 5.5 million PLN in tax. The next place was taken by the Polish company Veracomp, with a tax of 4.7 million PLN (revenue of 734 million PLN).

ICT integrators

As far as ICT integrators in Poland are concerned, Asseco Poland is the leader in terms of CIT tax rates in 2019. For this period, the company paid the national treasury PLN 24.2 million in tax, with revenues of over PLN 1 billion. On a slightly smaller revenue (998 million PLN), Comarch paid about 9 million PLN of due CIT. The company with the second largest tax among integrators is Sii, which paid 16.4 million PLN of CIT (with revenue of 687 million PLN)

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