Agreement of Cisco, Ericsson, Nokia and the Ministry of Digitisation


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During the Cybersec Forum in Katowice, Cisco, Ericsson and Nokia signed an agreement for cybersecurity with the Polish Ministry of Digitisation. The aim is to develop common standards for the construction of 5G networks and cooperation in the field of protection against threats.

Diversification of 5G suppliers

“We want to use the knowledge that individual companies have together in order to provide us with an even greater level of cybersecurity,” explains Minister Marek Zagórski.

Karol Okoński, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Digitization, stressed that EU countries must develop the same infrastructure standards to make Europe a single digital market. However, it is necessary to avoid dependence on one supplier in the national network. “Care must be taken to ensure that the operation of the network is not dependent on only one supplier. More diversification is needed in this area,” he said.

“All network elements are potentially at risk. The USA uses only trusted partners, such as Samsung or Ericsson. We will introduce additional requirements and identify partners who may pose a threat,” said Robert L. Strayer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Digital and International Communications and Information Policy in the U.S. Department of State.

First 5G devices from Polish factories

In the “5G Zone” at the Cybersec Expo fair accompanying the event, Ericsson presented for the first time the components of the new generation network “5G made in Poland” produced in Poland in the Tczew factory. Nokia also presented her solutions, which in recent days started to test the 5G network in Lublin together with Orange.

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