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Cyfrowy Polsat Group, owned by Zygmunt Solarz, has decided to completely visually change its main brands. First, the logos will be changed by Plus and Polsat, and the whole group will be called Polsat Plus Group. The official announcement reads that the changes introduced are just the beginning of larger plans aimed at increasing the identification of the entire brand.

Greater brand identification

Cyfrowy Polsat Group, and soon Polsat Plus Group, is one of the largest telecommunications companies in Poland, and the current changes in logos have been designed with transparency and ease of reception by recipients in mind. In the first phase, changes were made to the two largest brands belonging to the group – Plus and Polsat. From now on, both services will have matching logos, so that each recipient can be sure which service operator they are dealing with.

Cyfrowy Polsat Plus

The most important change in the new brand identification is the disappearance of the characteristic sun that has been associated with the group for over 15 years. However, the colors typical for both brands remain. The green color for Plus is supposed to evoke the idea of innovation, development and care for the environment and a better life. Orange for Polsat, on the other hand, shows energy, joy and optimism from the sun.

“… today is an important day – we are starting a new chapter in the history of the Group – we present new logos of our most important and key brands: Plus and Polsat. The new logos have been designed primarily with transparency and ease of reception by our viewers and customers in mind: on the one hand, so that they visually associate with the same Group, and on the other – retain their individual values. Plus is telecommunications, and Polsat is content. We will also use the new name of the Group in corporate communication, emphasizing this dependence and cooperation – Polsat Plus Group, ” – explains Zygmunt Solorz, changes in the group.

However, this is not the end of the changes. The new logos only begin the changes in the group and in their communication strategy. This change is gradual, planned and spread over several stages. The group will inform about the next steps on an ongoing basis.

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