Polsat acquires shares in Spectrum TV


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On September 18, Polsat Television acquired the remaining shares in Spektrum TV owned by the ZPR Media Group and became its sole owner. After the transaction is finalized, Polsat will own a total of eight terrestrial TV channels in Poland.

Acquisition the rest of shares

In mid-September, Tomasz Matwiejczuk, Corporate Communications Director and Spokesperson of the Polsat Group, announced that Telewizja Polsat acquired the remaining 50.52% stake in Spektrum TV, the owner of the Fokus TV and Nowa TV channels. As a result of the transaction, the TV station owned by Zygmunt Solarz took over two more channels with a license to broadcast on terrestrial television.

The total acquisition of Spektrum TV is a continuation of an investment made in December 2017, where Polsat Television bought 34% of shares in TV Spektrum, as well as 100% of shares in Eska TV SA and 100% of shares in Lemon Records (terrestrial broadcaster Polo TV and Vox Music TV). The transaction was worth over PLN 100 million. The Polsat Group did not report the value of the total acquisition of Spektrum TV.

TV spectrum with losses

In 2019, the revenues of Spektrum TV amounted to PLN 29.88 million, with a net loss of PLN 15.5 million. According to Nielsen’s data, Fokus TV’s share in the TV market in 2019 was 0.93% and Nowa TV’s share was 0.31%. The second channel’s poor performance is due to lower availability. Nowa TV, unlike Fokus TV, broadcasts on the eighth multiplex, guaranteeing lower coverage.

We hoped that the Nowa TV would come out to zero, but it still brings losses. It broadcasts on the eighth multiplex, giving only 50 percent coverage. It will be easier to get a plus channel out to Polsat, which has more programming possibilities”. – Zbigniew Benbenek, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ZPR Media Group, explained the sale of shares.

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