Polish GoClever brand goes bankrupt and disappears from the market


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The court declared GoClever, a Poznan-based consumer electronics brand, bankrupt. In connection with the termination of the company’s activity, the warranty service activity was closed.

Bankruptcy of the Polish GoClever brand

Polish consumer electronics brand GoClever informed about the termination of its operations as a result of the court’s declaration of bankruptcy of the company in liquidation. The company also issued an official statement on the warranty service of the equipment, informing that it strives to find a solution to enable the implementation of warranty and post-warranty repairs in the near future. Electronics that was repaired before the date of bankruptcy should be sent back to customers as soon as possible. On the other hand, devices that are still waiting for repair will be sent back to the users in their current state. Nevertheless, their owners will be able to assert their claims in the context of a claim, stating the value of the claim as being equal to the cost of repairing the product.

GoClever from the potentate of cheap consumer electronics to bankruptcy

The GoClever brand in Poznan has been present on the Polish market for 11 years. Its product offer included mainly low-budget smartphones, tablets, netbooks and smartwatches, distributed also outside the official sales channel, e.g. within the Biedronka chain. GoClever’s portfolio also included such electronic gadgets as sports cameras, home monitoring kits and car navigation systems, as well as electric bicycles. The company also placed its products on foreign markets, in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia.

GoClever equipment was manufactured in Asia and imported into other markets from there, and the company only offered it under its own brand name. Other Polish consumer electronics brands, such as TelForceOne (myPhone brand), Lechpol (Kruger & Matz) or Manta, operate on a similar basis.

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