Polish companies are bad at organizing the digitization process

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The use of available technological solutions has recently become quite common, and many organizations, as a result of recent changes, have undergone an accelerated digitalization process. For this purpose, Future Company decided to check how Polish companies organize themselves to implement digital tools. And here the result is surprising, as half of the companies do not consider the needs of their customers in the mentioned activities.

A significant mistake

Everything could indicate that customer satisfaction is one of the basic decisions about changing the way the company operates. However, as it turns out, only slightly more than half of the companies in Poland (51%) believe that the analysis of customer perspective is a step from which to start digital transformation – according to the Kantar study commissioned by Future.Company. This can be confusing, as many of us believe that during the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated digital transformation, it is the need to adapt to customer requirements that should be the first step in the entire process.

The Kantar study shows a completely different picture. According to 77% of companies, it is the changes within the organization, including primarily employee attitudes, competencies and processes that are the first step in digital transformation. Nearly two-thirds (60%) also believe that the first action should be a comprehensive mapping of the current situation and needs. Customer needs came in only third place.

Expected results

“The goal of businesses is to sell products and services to customers. If entrepreneurs don’t take their needs into account when embarking on a digital transformation they risk either having to take costly steps later to fix it or give up on it,” warns Olgierd Cygan, co-founder and partner at Future.Company.

A mistake in the digital transformation planning process, is reflected in companies’ financial performance. Only 16% of the organizations surveyed cited increased sales as a benefit of digitization. According to one of the co-founders of Future Company, the research only proves why the process of adopting digital solutions fails in most cases.

The “State of Digital Transformation in Poland” survey was conducted using CATI on a sample of 100 top executives of medium-sized companies.

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