Polish companies above the world average in good cyber practices


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According to the Sophos report, Polish companies apply good practices in dealing with threats related to cyber security. For over half of Polish companies, minimizing the risk of cyber attacks is the top priority for IT teams.

Good results

The increase in the number of attacks targeting organizations around the world has forced many companies to constantly decide on a specific cyber security strategy. According to the latest Sophos survey, out of 26 countries surveyed, Poland is above the world average in applying good cyber security practices. For 61% of organizations in Poland minimizing the risk of a cyber attack is a priority for IT teams. Additionally, every third company installs an update on a new system, server applications and other devices within one day of implementation. And within a week: 53% of companies update new end devices, 43% new servers, 49% new operating systems and 45% new applications.

Polish companies also perform well when sharing their corporate network with external suppliers. According to the survey, only 11% of organizations in Poland allow five or more external suppliers to connect to the company’s network. This is 10 percentage points lower than the world average (21%). One fifth also declares that they do not allow any external partner to access the company’s network.

Responding to the threat

The study also shows that effective attacks on companies change the way companies react to network security problems. Organizations affected by a ransomware attack three times more often feel that they are lagging behind the development of threats. More than two-thirds of organizations affected by a cyber attack consider recruiting and retaining qualified cyber security professionals to be the biggest challenge compared to 19% of those not affected by the attack.

Only every tenth company in Poland indicates the problem of finding qualified specialists as the biggest challenge related to cyber security. This is 18% less than the global average. 59% of Polish companies consider this element as an important challenge affecting cyber security.

Cybersecurity Research: Human Challenge was conducted by independent research company Vanson Bourne in January and February 2020. It was attended by 5 thousand IT decision makers from 26 countries, including Poland. The respondents came from companies with 100 to 5 thousand employees.

You can find more about the cyber security market in Poland in our new report “Cyber security market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2020-2025”.

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