Polish banks at the forefront in terms of digitization

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According to a Deloitte survey, Polish banks are ranked fourth in the world in terms of using digital technologies. The Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions had a significant impact on the development of digital bank channels.

Need to change

Digital Banking Maturity 2020 is the fourth edition of the study on the use of digital technologies by banks worldwide. The crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic did not bypass the banking sector either. As a result of the introduction of the lockdown, as many as 60% of banks worldwide were forced to reduce the working hours of their outlets or close them completely, and another 11% gave up stationary account opening. 6% also decided not to accept new customers. The response to the difficulties was the implementation of digital solutions by nearly one third of banks worldwide. These included methods of customer identification and verification (23%) and making contactless payments available to customers (18%).

Of the 13 banks surveyed in Poland, as many as 5 proved to be digital leaders. These institutions have long focused on digital solutions in their outlets, and the pandemic has only accelerated their implementation. In the ranking of banks, Poland was fourth behind Turkey, Spain, Belgium and ahead of Singapore.

Mobile banking

Comparing the results of the survey of Polish banks with last year’s edition, they increased their advantage both in terms of mobile and Internet banking (by 6% on average, while the average for banks worldwide was 5%). In Poland, 85% of accounts are opened in the mobile channel and 46% in the Internet channel. In the world it is 58% and 55% respectively.

,,The user experience is crucial for the perception of the institution by current and potential clients. It is the ease and accessibility, as well as the actual usability of particular digital functionalities that is most important for most people using banking services. This applies not only to the basic offer of a bank, but also, and perhaps most importantly, the scope of non-banking services”. – summarized Wiesław Kotecki, Partner, Customer Strategy & Applied Design team leader at Deloitte Digital

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