Polish Armed Forces with new unit responsible for cyber security

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On Tuesday, January 8, 2022, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak, appointed a new unit of the Polish Armed Forces – Cyberspace Defense Forces (WOC). This formation will be responsible for the activities of the so-called the full spectrum of cyberspace.

Cyberspace another international battlefield

The first information about the establishment of a new unit within the armed forces appeared in 2019, in connection with the signing by the head of the Ministry of National Defense of the so-called “Concept of the organization of the Cyberspace Defense Forces”. This is a response to the decisions made during the 2016 NATO summit. Back then, cyberspace was defined as another battlefield on the international arena – next to land, air, sea and space. This, in turn, forces states to take specific actions that will be able to effectively counteract all kinds of threats.

The Ministry of Defense did not reveal too many details about the operation of the WOC. The press conference only revealed that Brig. Gen. Karol Molenda became the head of the newly created unit. However, neither the numbers nor the detailed tasks of the new formations of the armed forces were given. The head of the Department of Defense only made it clear that the WOC would conduct the full range of activities in cyberspace, including defense, reconnaissance and offensive activities.

The new way of fighting requires a new army profile. So here we are. Hand in hand with all Kinds of Armed Forces. We are like the digital heart of the army “- commented the newly appointed head of the Cyberspace Defense Forces, Brig. Gen. Karol Molenda.

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