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Nowadays, buying a new TV set is not easy. The market provides us with more and more modern equipment, among which choosing the right one can be a problem. According to a Samsung study, Poles want TV sets to be bigger and have more functions. Incidentally, according to the data published by Samsung, 3 million households in Poland already have Samsung Smart TV sets.

Even 65 inches

Year after year, the share of TVs with diagonal over 65 inches steadily increases its share in the Polish market. According to Samsung’s data, in 2019, TVs with such diagonal accounted for about 10% of sales of all TVs. A year later they were already responsible for nearly 16%, and according to the South Korean company, the upward trend will continue also in 2021.  As a result, at the end of this year 65-inch TVs will constitute over 20% of all TVs in Polish households. At the same time, Samsung emphasizes that its TV sets currently make up over 40% of the market.

The trend of buying larger diagonal TVs is also confirmed by Samsung’s 2019 research in Europe, which found that 69% of customers regretted not choosing a larger screen already when they installed their new TV at home.

Samsung Smart TV in 3 million homes in Poland

Samsung also estimates that 3 million households in Poland use its TV sets simultaneously connected to the Internet. It also influenced the increase in the number of users of Samsung smart TV service. As Samsung analysts point out, a non-obvious trend is the return of users to such services. From April 2020 to April 2021, there was an increase of 38% in the number of active viewers.

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