Poles want 5G “Made in Poland” network


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Over 70% of Poles count on the production of components for building 5G networks in Poland or Europe. Moreover, one third believe that the 5G network should be treated as a critical infrastructure, which is crucial for national security and economic stability.

Building a 5G network

The latest Ericsson research shows that two thirds of Poles hope to cooperate with Polish or European companies on the launch of the fifth generation network. The implementation of the new technology, consisting largely in hardware or software replacement, will have a key impact on the competitiveness of the Polish economy against other EU countries. That is why 71% of respondents believe that the production of components for building 5G networks should be in the hands of Polish (53%) or European (16%) companies. The United States and Asia received 4.4% and 2.5% respectively. Only for every fourth company in Poland the location of production of equipment needed to implement the 5G technology does not matter.

One third of the respondents also believe that companies operating in Poland have made a significant contribution to the development of global ICT. Out of 11 factories producing Ericsson equipment worldwide, one is located in Poland. It is responsible for building 4G and 5G “Made in Poland” radio equipment. In the future the equipment may be used to build 5G networks in Poland and other European countries.

The importance of competitiveness

5G technology may have a significant impact on improving the competitiveness of the Polish economy, especially in the area of telecommunications. 63% of respondents believe that this very industry has the greatest potential to use 5G technology. 27% also point to logistics and education, and 21% to the entertainment industry. According to Analysys Mason, from a financial point of view, the implementation of the 5G network in Poland will bring the greatest benefits to companies from the manufacturing and logistics sector. According to estimates, they may even gain over 7 billion euros.

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