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In its latest global survey, Profilic Testing decided to investigate the attitude of citizens of different countries towards the new 5G network. Poles in this list are among the most skeptical countries, while showing great interest in the fifth generation network.

5th place in the ranking

As a country, we are not optimistic about the new 5G network technology. According to the analysis taking into account the number of searches in Google on the possible negative effects of the fifth generation network solutions, we are in 5th place (20.5 thousand per month of such queries) out of 155 countries included in the study. The leader of the list, with the highest number of queries about the harmfulness of 5G networks (374.7 thousand per month), was the United States. However, when analyzing this list, one has to take into account the large population of this country. In second place was the United Kingdom (93.4 thousand), and the podium is completed by Australia (33.0 thousand).

Lp. Country Average monthly number of Internet searches on the negative impact of 5G
1. USA 374 700
2. Great Britain 93 400
3. Australia 32 970
4. Canada 22 680
5. Poland 20 510
6. Germany 17 550
7. Netherlands 16 520
8. South Africa 13 780
9. Italy 12 910
10. France 10 030
11. Spain 8 080
12. Turkey 7 200
13. Nigeria 6 850
14. Sweden 5 070
15. Ireland 3  370
16. New Zealand 2 770
17. Belgium 2 360
18. Mexico 1 970
19. Austria 1 570
20. Denmark 1 410
Explanation: The ranking counts such Google queries as “is 5G dangerous?”, “is 5G safe?”, “is 5G harmless?”, “does 5G cause health risks?”, and an issue that has been alive for some in recent months: “does 5G cause/spread coronavirus/Covid-19?”.
Source: Profilic Testing

On the other hand, Poland is one of the countries most interested in the topic of 5G in the world. In total, the Polish Internet generates more than 130 thousand searches on the topic of fifth generation networks per month. This is the second place after the USA.

Poles, however, are waiting for 5G

A completely different impression regarding Poles’ expectations of 5G was shown by a survey conducted by Ericsson in late 2020 . It shows that more than half of Poles would like to start using their operator’s 5G network within a year of its launch, and one in six respondents hopes to have access to the new network within a month of the service launch. However, last year there was also an attempt to set fire to one of the masts of a Polish telecom operator in Łódź, which enables the use of the 5G network.  Therefore, analyzing the views of Poles on the new technology, it can be said that it has as many supporters as opponents.

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