Poles are willing to pay about PLN 30 per month for cyber security

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Every tenth Internet user in Poland does not protect their devices against potential cyber threats. If we decide on a specific solution, in most cases we use free solutions. On the other hand, taking into account the potential costs of cyber security tools, Poles are willing to pay on average about 30 PLN per month – these are the key findings of a Coleman Parkes Research study conducted on behalf of Allot.

Only every fourth Internet user uses paid solutions

Once again, antivirus has become the most widely used security solution. It is already used by 61% of Internet users. The reason for optimism is that tools to prevent phishing and malware attacks are becoming more common. Such solutions are already used by 59% and 43% of Poles respectively. Another 42% also use tools to block websites with inappropriate content.

However, if we take a closer look at the security features used, 29% of them are free apps and another 26% are pre-installed solutions from the device manufacturer. What is more, 37% of Polish Internet users are of the opinion that they are sufficient solution to protect their equipment against a potential attack. In opposition, only every fourth respondent (25%) uses paid solutions and pays on average 34 PLN per month for them.

The arguments of users who do not use any security are also interesting. 58% of them are afraid of installing new, unknown applications. More than half (51%) think it takes too much time. Another 47% do not know where to look for appropriate solutions, 46% do not know what tool to choose, and 31% do not know how to install it. Every fourth respondent (24%) also points to the aspect of high costs of using such solutions.

Mobile phone needs the most protection

When asked which devices we need the most protection on, 42% of respondents point to cell phones. The same number (46%) are concerned that their microphones and cameras built into some of their devices could be hacked and used for spying. But the biggest concerns are phishing attacks (56%), exposing children to cyber threats (56%) and losing sensitive data (54%).

Worryingly, one in three respondents believes that the service provider should take care of user security, and 26% the device provider. Only 21% assume this responsibility. Interestingly, 60% of respondents believe that if a new operator comes on the market and presents a comprehensive data protection offer, they will use their services. However, when it comes to potential fees for security solutions, on average we are expected to pay PLN 32.5 per month for comprehensive smart home security and PLN 31.8 for full home network security and all user devices.

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