Poles are reluctant to use government websites


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According to a Eurostat study, Poles are not very eager to obtain information from government websites. In 2020 we were ranked 24th out of 30 analyzed countries in this respect.

Only a quarter of Poles say they use government websites

In 2020. 47% of EU citizens reported having obtained information from public authorities’ websites in the last 12 months. In this statistic, Poles are not among the active users of such sites. According to Eurostat data, only one in four (27%) Polish citizens use government websites. The leaders in the ranking are Denmark (89%), Finland (84%) and the Netherlands (81%).
It turns out that people aged 65-74 are the least likely to look for information on government websites. Out of all surveyed countries, only 26% declared that they had conducted such activities. The second group, which can also be classified as older people, with a relatively low percentage of people are people aged 55-64 (41%). Interestingly, the youngest surveyed group, aged 16-24 (46%), is at a similar level of people declaring seeking information on government websites. The group aged 25-34 shows the greatest interest, in which nearly two-thirds (59%) declared that they had searched for information on government websites in the last 12 months.

Over 8 million Poles with a trusted profile

Despite poor results compared to other European countries in searching for information on government websites, last year was a record-breaking period in which the number of Poles who have a trusted profile doubled. According to KPRM data, more than 4 million such profiles were activated in 2020, which translated into a total of 8.8 million active accounts. The previous year was also a record year in terms of applications submitted using the trusted profile. Most often Poles used it to submit applications “Send a general letter”, purchase or sale of a car, copy of civil status certificate, notification of birth of a child and registration services. More on that you can find here: https://ictmarketexperts.com/en/news/8-million-poles-with-a-trusted-profile/

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