Poles are more and more willing to use smart home solutions


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In 2020, every third newly built home was equipped with smart home solutions, and the vast majority of users of this technology were satisfied with the investment. The main reason why Poles choose smart solutions is convenience, less often safety.

Comfort is most important, safety less so

According to the “Report on the Construction of Homes in Poland”, the vast majority of Poles are aware of smart home solutions, and only 16% have never heard of this technology. Interestingly, according to an analysis conducted by Oferteo.pl, in 2020 already every third newly-built house was equipped with smart technology. Of those, as many as 90% are satisfied with their installation, and 71% plan to expand it in the near future.

One of the main reasons why Poles decide to invest in smart home solutions is to improve comfort. 78% of respondents think so. Exactly half of the respondents also believe that it is a good reason to use modern technologies, and for 43% it is a way to save money. Only a third (36%) pointed to the factor of increased security.

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On the other hand, among those unconvinced about smart solutions, the main argument for not investing in it is the belief that there is no need for such solutions. This was confirmed by 61% of respondents. 42% also believe that they are too expensive, and 13% do not have enough knowledge about it.

Which technologies are we most interested in?

When deciding on a smart solution, Poles most often choose systems responsible for controlling heating and lighting. In 2020, they were implemented in 68% and 64% of newly built homes, respectively. Going further, Poles are equally keen on alarm systems (58%), sensors (51%) and surveillance cameras (49%). Comparing the results from 2020 to the same survey from 2019, we can see that solutions affecting security have lost priority over those providing greater convenience.

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Last year, buyers of smart solutions most often chose systems from Google Home. Their systems are used by 6% more homes compared to the previous year, which in market share in Poland gives nearly one fifth of homes equipped with this technology. The second most popular system is Xiaomi Mijia / Aqara, and the third most popular is Amazon Alexa system. The largest decline in smart home market share in Poland compared to the previous year was recorded by Apple HomeKit, which was used by 16% fewer users. Additionally, 20% of respondents did not decide to purchase the entire system, but only individual, non-centralized devices.

“Poles are more and more open to new technologies. Each of us now has a smartphone with us, and the vision of using it to control devices in our home seems tempting. Today the market offers intelligent solutions that can increase safety, improve living comfort, reduce operating costs or make the house more environmentally friendly. So almost every investor will find something that meets his needs”. – Karol Grygiel from Oferteo.pl board comments.

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