Poles are more and more willing to choose the network to buy computers

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Almost two thirds of Poles buy computer accessories using the network, and one third only via the Internet. One fifth of us treats portals as a source of information about specific products, after choosing a particular device goes to a stationary store and makes a purchase there.

Network becoming more and more popular

The participants of the Digital Habits of Poles survey most often pointed out that the only way to buy a new computer is online. More than 30% of respondents believe that they look for information about offers on the Internet and make a purchase there. On the other hand, 19% treat auction portals as a source of information about a given product, and after choosing a specific model, they go to a stationary point and make a purchase there. Only 6% of the respondents declare that when buying a new computer they use only the stationary points. Poles are getting more and more used to online shopping. In the case of computer hardware, regardless of the chosen path, as many as 65% of users finally place an order online. Stationaries do this 30%. Aneta Gergont-Gałązka, director of the marketing department in Wonga, notes that already 84% of respondents use the Internet when buying a computer or computer accessories.

The main reason for purchasing computer hardware on the network is primarily convenience, which was indicated by nearly 80% of respondents. Thanks to shopping on the Internet, we do not have to waste time walking around the stationary stores looking for the right computer. 65% also think that Internet purchases are more profitable and on auction platforms you can find the same models at lower prices. The third key factor for online shopping is the ability to learn the opinions of other users and the ability to immediately choose a computer (64%).


However, not all respondents have full confidence when shopping online. Nearly a quarter think that sharing data online is not safe, so they avoid shopping this way. 16% of respondents declare that they have never bought a computer or computer accessories over the Internet.

The survey “Digital Habits of Poles” was conducted on the Kantar Millward Brown internet panel in September 2020, commissioned by Wong Poland. The survey covered 159 people aged 20 to 55 years who use the Internet, have an account in an Internet bank, actively use it and do not reject the possibility of taking out loans in the future. The survey was conducted using the CAWI method.

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