Polcom’s cloud in accordance with ISO 27017


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Polcom has obtained a certificate confirming its compliance with the ISO 27017 standard for Cloud Information Security System Management.

Security of cloud services

Polcom has obtained a certificate of information security management in the cloud. According to our information, the company conducted the certification process a few months earlier, but now it has officially announced it. ISO 27017 is an international standard that places particular emphasis on risk management in the area of cloud computing services. ISO 27017 defines first of all good practices in the field of security in the context of cloud services.

The requirements contained in the ISO 27017 standard concern not only internal quality management for cloud service providers, but also for customer relations. In order to meet the requirements of the standard, the provider should implement detailed procedures related to customer relations concerning the management of the service itself, notifications or updates. Within the framework of guidelines defined in the ISO 27017 standard, the service provider should provide the customer with necessary information concerning the cloud platform on which services are provided, e.g. technologies on the basis of which the cloud is built, implemented security measures or geographical location.

“The cloud computing for Poles is built on the basis of one of the largest and most modern data centres in Poland, therefore it can be said that from the technological point of view, for Poles it already met the standards described in ISO 27017. However, in recent months we have put a lot of effort into tightening the procedures related to the process of informing customers about services provided and control measures in the scope of cloud services security”. – emphasizes Stanisław Borkowski, Quallity Assurance Manager in Poland.

2 data centers and over 200 clients

Polcom is one of the largest providers of datacentre services in Poland. According to PMR’s report “Data centre market in Poland 2019. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2019-2024“, the company has two large centres in the south of Poland with a gross area of approx. 3.5 thousand m2 each. The datacentre services are used by more than 200 entities. Most of them are large companies, but the share of the SME segment is also significant. Over 70% of clients are international companies. The three main industries that represent the clients of Poles are: These include e-commerce, industry (production), finance and banking.

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