Poland with the most expensive internet in Europe


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According to the ranking prepared by Point Topic, Poland has the most expensive broadband offer in Europe. Prices of Internet access in the country, including purchasing power parity, are among the highest in the world.

Poland in 70th place in the ranking

Point Topic research company took into account basic prices, the median and average tariff price to provide an easy way to directly compare online services in countries around the world. All tariffs are quoted in US dollars at PPP rates to allow comparison between countries.

In the main list, Poland ranks 70 out of 83 countries surveyed, which means that we are the most expensive country in Europe. In the case of the average price for a service, it is only slightly better (69th place), while in the ranking of the cheapest tariffs available on a given market, Poland is on a high 6th position.

oferty internetu CEE

Interestingly, the lowest median prices in the world are characteristic of Central European countries. They include Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

Much to improve

Some time ago we wrote about Nexera’s research on network quality in our country. It showed that in the past year the inhabitants of the regions used the Internet connection with the lowest throughput – up to 20 Mb/s. Nearly every fourth household would also change its ISP if it had such a possibility. More about the Nexera report can be found here: https://ictmarketexperts.com/en/news/every-fourth-subscriber-in-poland-would-change-their-isp/

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