Poland with less than 100,000 cloud specialists

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Randstad, an international HR company, has published a summary of the number of cloud computing talent, which shows that in Poland we currently have less than 100,000 professionals with cloud technology skills. This is significantly worse than in the large markets of Western Europe.

USA is the leader, just ahead of India and China

According to Randstad data, there are currently 97,000 cloud professionals in Poland. This result is more than forty times worse than the leader of this ranking, the United States, but also significantly worse than the largest countries in Western Europe. Randstad reports that the United States now has 4.2 million cloud experts, surpassing India (1.9 million experts) and China (1.3 million).

In turn, looking at individual countries in Europe, the leader in terms of the number of cloud specialists is the UK, with a result of more than 0.5 million experts. This is followed by France (328 thousand) and Germany (312 thousand). However, countries such as Sweden, the Czech Republic and Romania fare worse than Poland.

8 thousand job offers

In Poland, at the time of the analysis, there were over 8,100 job offers for positions requiring cloud skills. According to the authors of the report, this is a result of quite low competitiveness (12 people per 1 job) in comparison to other countries, which translates into greater difficulty in recruiting the right people. The Chinese market is best in this respect, where the ratio is 174:1.

Randstad’s analysis was based on the LinkedIn profiles. The number of specialists in the field of cloud technologies includes people with cloud computing skills, based on verified and standardized data on the labor market and skills.

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