Poland ranks second in CEE in terms of implementation of digitization solutions

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The COVID-19 pandemic is driving the interest of companies in modern digitization solutions in Poland – in 2021. 28% of all organizational activities were specifically about digital transformation. However, according to Iron Mountain Polska, it should be remembered that in order to prosper in the era of the so-called industrial revolution 4.0, it is necessary to constantly invest, not one-off action.

The financial and insurance sector accounts for 60% of all deployments

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has become a significant driver for investments in digitalization, which does not only affect the functioning of a particular organization, but also the competitive advantage in the market.  A survey conducted by Iron Mountain in Europe shows that in 2021, as many as 86% of organizations surveyed see the impact of new digital solutions on competitive advantage in the market. Among the main areas covered by the digitalization process they mention: IT support (49%), CRM (36%) and team management (34%). Moreover, according to Iron Mountain’s representatives in Poland, the situation is similar – activities related to business digitalization accounted for 28% of all services, of which 70% is digitalization of archival documents.

According to Marcin Drzewecki, President of Iron Mounain Poland, Poland is characterized by high dynamics of implementing technological solutions in every area of company’s functioning. He also emphasizes that the leader in this respect is especially the financial and insurance sector, which is responsible for as much as 60% of all implementations.

Poland one of the CEE leaders

Looking at the market situation in Central and Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic is at the forefront in terms of digitization, with a 44% implementation rate of new solutions. The second country in this respect is Poland with the result of 28%. The podium is completed by Hungary with the implementation rate of technological solutions at the level of 24%.

However, despite its high position in the ranking, companies in Poland still face obstacles that prevent them from implementing new solutions on a wider scale. Iron Mountain in Poland believes that an organisation’s information management strategy should be continually updated with technological advances and changing legislation.

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