Poland in the world ranking of digital well-being


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According to Surfshark, in 2021 Poland fell by 15 places in the global DQL ranking, assessing the quality of the possibility of using the Internet and related services. It includes, among others, such pillars as: Internet affordability, quality of connections, electronic infrastructure, security and e-services. Currently, our country is ranked 25th in the world and 16th in Europe.

Internet affordability

In the case of Internet accessibility, the ranking includes indicators such as work time, which allows an individual citizen to access the cheapest mobile and fiber-optic Internet offer. In mobile options, Poland ranks 9th in the world, which means that an average Pole has to work on average 21 seconds to afford the cheapest offer. In the case of a fibre-optic link the result is 35 and the time is 115 seconds. Juxtaposing these two results, Poland takes 29th place in the ranking.

The quality of Internet, including basic service parameters, allowed Poland to be ranked 36th. The average speed of mobile Internet was 40.02 Mbps, and of fiber Internet 112.86 Mbps. This area also takes into account such parameters as stability of a link, meaning a comparison of download speed changes in each particular month. In the case of both mobile Internet and fiber-optic Internet, Poland was ranked 41st in the world.

Electronic infrastructure

Another category, electronic infrastructure, compares the countries of the world in terms of people using the Internet per 100 inhabitants. This indicator for Poland was exactly 78.20, which puts it on the 55th place in the ranking. For comparison, this result for other European countries is: Czech Republic 87.70 (33rd place in the ranking), Germany 96.00 (9th place) and Hungary 89.00 (30th place).

Electronic security

The cyber security area ranks the region against each other in terms of the network security index and regulations in place in each country around the world. For the index, the ranking uses the global National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) compiled by the e-Governance Academy Foundation. Poland was ranked on a high 6th position.

Also highly rated in Poland are the current legal regulations governing compliance with data protection regulations. Our country received the highest possible score of 2, meaning the highest value of data protection, thus placing Poland on the 6th place in the world.

Electronic government

The last category concerns e-services. The assessment consists of two indicators. The first concerns the index of online services, which determines the ease of use of electronic services by citizens of individual countries around the world. Poland was ranked 22nd. The second one covers a country’s ability to take advantage of the potential of artificial intelligence. In this case Poland was ranked 31st.


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