Poland in the lead of EU countries in terms of available SVOD platforms


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According to the European Audiovisual Observatory’s 2020 ranking, Poland ranked second in terms of the number of available SVOD platforms in Europe. Among the available services, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video turned out to be the leaders, which are available in all analyzed countries.

30 platform SVOD

The leader in Europe in terms of the number of SVOD services available was France, which in 2020 offered access to 34 different platforms. In second, high place was Poland, with an offer of 30 operators. The podium is completed by the United Kingdom, which had one less platform on offer than Poland. On the other side of the ranking, the countries with the smallest number of available SVOD services were Malta and Luxembourg. Residents of these regions in 2020 could use the services of 7 operators.

According to the EAO, all of the countries analyzed have local services that compete for customers’ media budgets. These services are provided by national broadcasters, telecom operators, distributors, producers or VOD-only entities.


Netflix and Amazon available in all countries

In the case of platforms available in individual countries, the undisputed leaders are unsurprisingly Netflix and Amazon, which offer their services in all countries in Europe. A good result can also boast the Disney+ platform with services in 13 European countries. As a reminder, this platform only had its launch at the end of 2019.


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