Poland drops in the ranking of cybersecurity


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Enterprises in Poland are becoming a tasty morsel for cybercriminals, such conclusions result from the latest cyber security ranking by Check Point Software. In the July ranking, our country came 24th in Europe and 62nd in the world.

Decrease of 10 positions

Check Point Software has published another cybersecurity ranking, in which Poland recorded a score as much as 10 positions worse than the last edition. In July 2021, our country was ranked 24th in Europe and 62nd in the world, with a threat index of 47.4 points. Translating this into the number of attacks, enterprises in Poland are already attacked on average 596 times per week.

The leader of the Check Point Sofware ranking was again Great Britain, with a score of 26.4 points. In turn, Poland was followed by such regions as: the Balkan countries, Greece, Portugal and countries located in the east of the continent.

New threat leader

The ranking also provides information on methods used by cybercriminals, who found new ways to infect networks of Polish companies. In July this year, they most often used for that purpose the banking trojan Qbot and the infostrealer Formbook. The main source of attacks is traditionally email, which is already responsible for 79% of attacks.

Globally, the most commonly used method is Trickbot. Check Point Software has already identified it in 4.1% of corporate networks worldwide. The Snake Keylogger, on the other hand, is becoming a new threat, making it to the list of the top ten most common Internet threats for the first time.

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