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The latest research conducted by DataCentrePricing.com shows that the budget of $9bn will primarily be used for data center campus construction investments in the TIER 2 region, to which Poland belongs. According to analysts from Knight Frank and DC Byte, in the first half of 2020, a four-fold increase in this type of investment was observed compared to the annual average recorded so far.

DataCentrePricing.com analysis

According to the latest research by DataCentrePricing.com, $ 9bn will be committed to investments in European data centers by 2022. The analysis took into account 70 planned construction projects and modernization of data center campuses in 12 European countries.

 The largest markets in the FLAP region, such as Paris or London, will receive less funds, while the budget will primarily go to the countries classified in the TIER 2 category, i.e. Ireland, Italy, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, and Poland, among others. In these less leading markets, a total of 850,000 sq m is expected to be built. square meters of server space with a capacity of 1500 MW. Works on the construction sites are to start in 2022.

 Forecasts from Knight Frank and DC Byte experts

Knight Frank and DC Byte analysts also confirmed the increased interest in investments in the construction of data centers in the TIER 2 region. Based on the power parameters of individual countries, non-FLAP growth rates were recorded compared to last October, mainly in Madrid, Berlin, Milan and Warsaw.

 When it comes to European investment in the past, the first half of 2020 saw a fourfold increase in investment compared to the annual average recorded so far. On the other hand, the demand for services offered by data center databases increased by half compared to the first half of 2019.

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