Plus is still expanding the group of recipients of the 5G network

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Currently, the range of Plus covers 160 towns in all voivodeships, and thus is within the reach of as many as 12 million inhabitants of Poland. Despite achieving this year’s goal, the operator plans to further expand the 5G 2600 TDD network.

Progress of Plus in the expansion of the 5G network

Due to the growing interest in the 5G network among customers, Plus has accelerated its expansion. In November 2020, i.e. only half a year after the network was deployed in Poland, over 7 million of  5G recipients were within the reach of Plus. In turn, their number in Q1 2021 already exceeded this year’s goal of 11 million. Thanks to the efficient implementation of the plans, the number of base stations has exceeded 1500, and the 5G Plus is within the reach of 12 million Poles from 160 towns throughout the country.

Cities with new base stations include: Elk, Lebork, Kolobrzeg, Wolin, Stargard, Ketrzyn, Goleniow, Elizowka and Leszno. It should be emphasized that, apart from new locations, new base stations are also appearing in cities where 5G was already operating.

Extending the offer

Plus not only aims to increase the 5G range, but also expands its offer with equipment that supports this network. Currently, the offer includes 20 smartphones and routers compatible with it. In the near future the range will be expanded with new models from leading manufacturers, and they will be available at attractive prices.

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