PLNOG23 – 5G network, cloud and security topics discussed in Cracow in September!

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The nationwide telecommunications conference returns to Cracow! Among the novelties there is a Cloud path, a track dedicated to 5G networks and a completely new location.

What is interesting about the agenda?

As announced by the organizers, novelties will appear not only in terms of organization, but also in terms of content. Two new paths appeared in the conference agenda. One of them is dedicated to Cloud and cloud solutions, and the other one is dedicated to 5G technology implementations.

The program will cover such topics as: EHT-imaging library, regularized maximum likelihood and the first image of a black hole; the impact of mobile telephony on people and the environment, as well as how the cloud security test should look like.

Who will be present?

Among the confirmed speakers are: Dr. Maciej Wielgus (Harvard University), Maciej Lelusz (Chaos Gears / Inleo), Dr. Michał Wągrowski (AGH), Piotr Wojciechowski (IT PLAYGROUND / CCIE.PL), Paweł Rzepa (Securing).

PLNOG23 will be held on 23-24 September in the Metropolo by Golden Tulip Hotel in Krakow. PMR Market Experts is a partner of this event. Especially for readers, the organizer has prepared a promotional code that entitles to a 15% discount – just enter the code when registering: PMR_ICT.

More information can be found on the website:

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