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P4 has launched a commercial fixed-line Internet access service. The service is based on the Vectra broadband infrastructure and is available in HFC technology. Thus, the convergence of telecommunications services is already possible in the Play network.

P4: Fixed Internet on Vectra infrastructure

The offer of P4, the Play network operator, includes a fixed-line Internet access service. It is provided on the Vectra infrastructure and is a result of an agreement signed by P4 with a cable operator on cooperation in the provision of broadband infrastructure in July 2019. The companies originally planned to connect the first Play customers to the Vectra network in Q1 2020. As you can see, the commercial launch of the service has been postponed slightly. Moreover, it was not officially announced by P4 on any of the operator’s press and media channels. This may be a result of the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. The epidemiological situation also certainly does not create favourable conditions for winning customers for the new Play service.

Commercial inclusion of fixed Internet service in the P4 offer makes the operator a fully convergent provider of telecommunications services. The cooperation with Vectra constitutes for P4 a continuation of the development of the strategy focused on mobile technologies. This means that the sale of fixed services is primarily to support and loyalise the mobile customer base.

Fixed Internet access available in HFC technology

On its website with the offer Play informs that the offered fixed-line Internet access service is provided in HFC technology. The operator emphasizes that this is not a technically popular “optical fibre” recently, but this technology gives the same experience when it comes to speed or connection stability.

The fixed Internet offer in the Play network is available under three subscription plans, at the price of PLN 50, 60 and 70, depending on the offered speeds – 150, 300 and 600 Mbit/s respectively. Each of the service options can be subscribed for a period of 24 months. As part of fixed broadband Internet access, the mobile operator has made its Play NOW TV BOX TV offer available.

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