PIE: Annual revenues of Google and Facebook from Polish users’ data amount to over PLN 6 billion

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According to data from the Polish Economic Institute (PIE), two global corporations earn more from Polish users’ data than they report in their reports to tax authorities. This amount could even reach over PLN 6 billion in 2020. Interestingly, the average Pole declares that they would be willing to pay more for protecting their data than Google and Facebook earn on individual data.

Internet privacy is important for Polish users

The crux in today’s world is data, and global corporations like Google and Facebook are making huge money from it. According to PIE, more than they report. The Institute estimates that the monthly revenue per single data of a Polish user for Google and Facebook is PLN 10.16 and PLN 8.52 respectively. The value of all users’ data alone in 2020 is PLN 4.025 billion and PLN 2.196 billion.

Interestingly, comparing this with the survey results, a Polish user would be willing to pay more for privacy. When asked about the declared amount, so that Facebook does not have access to data aggregated on the platform and from other sources, we are willing to pay an average of PLN 17 per month. In turn, for Google’s lack of access to our data, including activity on other portals, about PLN 14 per month.

We want privacy, but not necessarily pay for it

However, despite the fact that Polish users are aware that popular websites collect our data (77% of respondents are aware that free use of websites involves collection of our data), at the same time as many as 69% are of the opinion that none of them should charge for access.

Users are also reluctant about the aspect of using data to show ads, with 63% of internet users wanting a ban on showing them based on individuals’ information. However, 43% are satisfied with the display ads and think that the current way meets their needs.

Technology companies know too much about us

Are Polish Internet users indifferent to what technology companies do with their data? In response to this question as many as 50% of respondents indicated the answer “I strongly disagree” with 6% indicating “I agree”. A similar percentage (87% of those surveyed indicated a response of ,,Strongly Agree” and ,,Rather Agree”) also believe that technology companies know too much about us.

On the other hand, most respondents believe that even if alternative, paid versions of Google and Facebook were created, they would not better protect our data.

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