Personnel changes in the Management Board and Technology and Innovation Division of T-Mobile Polska


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On 16 September this year, Petri Pehkonen will take the position of Technology and Innovation Director and Member of the Board of T-Mobile Polska. He will replace Thomas Lips, who will be responsible for the “IoT Delivery” area as of mid-August, within the central structures of Deutsche Telekom.

Petri Pehkonen instead of Thomas Lips

In mid-September this year, Petri Pehkonen will take over the position of Director for Technology and Innovation at T-Mobile Polska and at the same time he will become a new member of the company’s Management Board. Petri Pehkonen will take over the duties of Thomas Lips, who from August will develop his competencies within the central structures of the Deutsche Telekom Group, responsible for the “IoT Delivery” area – planning and implementation of services related to the Internet of Things. Until Petri Pehkonen takes up his position, Andreas Maierhofer, CEO of T-Mobile Poland, will lead the Technology and Innovation Division.

Petri Pehkonen: extensive experience in the ICT and telecommunications industries

Petri Pehkonen has extensive experience in managerial positions in the ICT and telecommunication industries, with which he has been associated for over 20 years. He spent the last 7 years at Elisa company where, as CIO Elisa Corporation and Vice President Hosting Services, he managed many strategic IT projects in the area of digital transformation. Over the years of cooperation, Pehkonen has gathered extensive knowledge on network solutions, as well as popular trends in the ICT sector, and innovative telecommunications solutions, such as 5G. Petri Pehkonen is a graduate of the Helsinki University of Technology at the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering.

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