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Partial return to stationary work

praca stacjonarna

Companies are increasingly beginning to prepare to return to work before the pandemic. Some plan to return to the office by the end of June, but this will be a gradual process, mainly voluntary.

26% of Polish companies with a return plan in place

According to a survey carried out by Deloitte, a quarter of the companies  declared that work in their offices has resumed, but with some limitations. 30% of companies have not yet taken any action to resume work in the office, while 26% have a plan to return to stationary work.

In turn, a survey carried out on employees shows that for 51% of them returning to work is safe. However, 49% of respondents are of the opposite opinion, who believe that providing a sense of security is the greatest challenge for companies in connection with returning to offices. Another 20% are worried about adapting business processes to new realities. On the other hand, the smallest problem seems to be preparing the office and reviewing all procedures and work regulations. 15% and 14% of Deloitte survey participants considered it a challenge.

88% of companies will permanently increase the use of remote working

However, returning to office work doesn’t mean the same  as before the pandemic. 41% of companies declare that their employees will still be able to stay at home. To this end, 88% of the surveyed companies intend to permanently increase the possibility of remote working. Over 70% of entities will also limit business trips and business meetings.

The most frequently indicated activities ensuring the safety of remote work of their employees are indicated by companies: VPN (64%), network improvement (35%), workstation modernization (33%), purchase of cloud resources (31%) and improvement of network security (25%).


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