P4: Małgorzata Zakrzewska, head of the new communications department

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P4 (Play Communications) decided to establish a new department within its structures – a communication department, in which the previously separate departments of public relations, public affairs and corporate communication were merged.

Małgorzata Zakrzewska, until now acting as the director of public affairs in the company, became the head of the communication department (she was responsible, among others, for communication with local governments regarding the construction of new transmitters). Previously, for 10 years she was a director of corporate affairs. Małgorzata Zakrzewska will report directly to the President of P4 – Jean-Marc Harion.

In addition, the new mobile phone team with the company is formed by the Playa Marcin Gruszka spokesperson and the cooperating Ewa Sankowska-Sieniek and Matylda Walewska-Romanowska, as well as Katarzyna Tajak-Pietrowska and Witold Tomaszewski. Małgorzata Zakrzewska has been associated with P4 since 2005 and is therefore one of the oldest mobile phone employees. Earlier she had found employment in Merrill Lynch, where she co-created an office in Poland. She is a graduate of the University of New South Wales in Sydney.

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