P4 announces an increase in prices in card offers

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As of February this year, P4 will introduce a change in the price list of its pre-paid offer, increasing the rates for calls and SMS messages outside the Play network. The new rates will also apply to the operator’s sub-brand – RedBull Mobile.

New call and SMS prices outside Play

P4, the Play network operator, informed that from 15 February this year it plans to increase prices of mobile services provided under the card offers. The new, higher rates, apart from the basic offer, will also apply to the operator’s sub-brand – RedBull Mobile. The increase in rates covers only calls and SMS outside Play’s network and on-net services will remain free of charge.

The most important changes in the price list of pre-paid offers:

  1. Price for voice and video calls (domestic and intra-Eurozone roaming) – now 30 gr/min (was 29 gr/min)
  2. SMS price (domestic and intra-Eurozone roaming) – now 19 gr/SMS (here prices vary depending on the tariff plan, but start from 9 gr/SMS)

New costs of replacing a pre-paid card

In parallel to the planned price increase, a fee will be introduced for the replacement of the prepaid SIM card. Currently it is usually free of charge, but from 15 February you will have to pay PLN 19.99 for this service.

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