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P4 and Vectra signed a cooperation agreement for the provision of a broadband network. This is a continuation of P4 strategy development focused on mobile technologies.

All MNOs with a convergent offer

At the beginning of July this year, P4 and Vectra concluded a cooperation agreement on the provision of broadband network. Thanks to this agreement, the mobile operator will gain access to the fibre-optic cable infrastructure and, as a result, offer its customers access to fixed internet. This means that on the Polish market, each MNO will already have a convergent offer for home users in its portfolio. Orange has such an offer based on independently developed FTTH network, CPS Group offers fibre-optic cable of Netia acquired last year, while T-Mobile has recently launched a fixed access offer based on Orange and Nexera infrastructure.

The next step of P4 in the fixed services market

For P4, entering into a partnership with Vectra is a continuation of the development of a strategy focused on mobile technologies. The representatives of the operator admit that the Vectra’s fixed internet in DOCSIS technology will be a perfect complement to the mobile internet “5G READY PLAY”. The companies plan to connect the first Play customers to the Vectra network in the first quarter of 2020.

Thanks to close cooperation between the two operators, the fixed broadband internet access service will be distributed under the brand name and through Play’s sales network throughout the entire area of Vectra’s operations. Within the fixed broadband internet access, the mobile operator will make its TV offer – Play NOW TV available. The companies plan to connect the first PLAY customers in the first quarter of 2020.

The agreement concluded with Vectra is another recent step in the P4 market for fixed-line services. At the end of June P4 made an initial investment in the purchase of 3S company from Katowice. Thanks to this, assuming a successful transaction, the mobile operator will gain access to a 3S optical fibre network and a developed data center cluster. In addition to support for the development of 5G communication, fiber optics, as well as the data center facilities of the acquired company, for P4 will be the basis for the development of a stronger offer for business customers.

Vectra and its resources

Currently, more than 2.7 million households are within the range of Vectra’s fibre-optic network. Vectra’s backbone network is one of the leading national ICT networks. Using the latest DOCSIS technologies, Vectra provides data transmission services with speeds up to 600 Mbit/s and soon also up to 1 Gbit/s. So far, P4 and Vectra have worked together on MVNO solutions and data transmission to base stations and traffic transit.

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