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July was already the second month in 2021 in which the number of newly created trusted profiles approached nearly 600 thousand. In total, the service is already used by more than 12 million Poles, of which only this year nearly 3.4 million such profiles were created.

18 thousand profiles per day

Last year was a breakthrough period for the Trusted Profile service, in which the number of Poles having such an account doubled. However, as data from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister shows, the year 2021 is also an active period. In July this year 567.1 thousand Poles created their trusted profiles, and the total number of citizens using the PZ was 12 million (at the end of 2020 there were 8.8 million active profiles). July’s trusted profile result is the third best monthly performance in its 10-year history. More trusted profiles in a single month were created by Poles only in April 2021. (621,911) and in April 2020. (602 739).

Popular services

Together with the popularity of trusted profiles, the interest in particular services is also growing. In July this year alone, the website with available e-services (gov.pl) was visited by about 16 million users who generated almost 72 million page views.

One of the most popular services handled via PZ is the “Vehicle History”. In July, over 25.5 million citizens made use of this option. Another 2.1 million checked their penalty points and almost 77.6 thousand used the service “Report a sale or purchase of a vehicle”.

The basic service ,,Send a general letter”, which allows you to arrange a matter in many institutions, was used 184.5 thousand times. Moreover, the option “Obtain a copy of civil status certificate” was used by Poles 25.6 thousand times in July, and the option “Report the birth of a child” was used 12.3 thousand times. Also in July, 43.4 thousand applications for issuing an identity card were accepted through trusted profiles.

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