Orange with one million fibre optic internet customers

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Orange Polska has announced on its website that it is starting the new year with one million fibre-optic internet customers. Currently, the operator’s network coverage already reaches 5.8 million households, and according to the adopted strategy, this number will increase to 8 million by 2024.

Fiber optic infrastructure – the main focus of Orange’s investments

Orange is consistently pursuing its strategy of developing fibre Internet services. According to the approved plan, by July 2021 the operator wants to increase the reach of its network to 8 million households, i.e. half of all households in Poland. As recently as Q3 2021, 880,000 customers were using fiber optic services from Orange, now at the beginning of 2022, the operator reports that the number of these customers has exceeded one million. Currently, the network coverage already reaches more than 5.8 million households.

The importance of expanding the fiber-optic infrastructure by new locations in Poland is shown by the operator’s data. One million fibre-optic Internet customers are predominantly Orange Światłowód users, but there are also about 50 thousand customers of other operators who offer them their services on the basis of the operator’s network. Fiber optics is also an important element of integrated services provided by Orange. Nearly 60% of customers also opt for the Orange Love offer, which is a package of fixed and mobile services.

For more information on the telecommunications market in Poland see PMR report ,,Telecommunications market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026”.

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