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There is no doubt that last year was a period of increased network traffic, mainly driven by the transition to home office and the introduction of remote learning in schools. During that time Orange recorded growth in both fixed and mobile traffic, with LTE still dominating among mobile internet generations. The operator also stresses that it continues to expand its fibre-optic cable, which is already within the reach of 1 million households and 60% of Orange’s base stations.

Fixed network traffic throughout the year

Due to remote work and learning over the last year, there has undoubtedly been an increase in traffic in the fixed network. The first increase took place with the start of the lockdown, in March last year. Over time, traffic stabilized at a higher level and then declined slightly during the holiday months. The next jump took place in September, following the announcement of distance learning. In total, in 2020, the number of transferred data was 50% more than in 2019, i.e. up to 5bn GB, which is the record result of Orange Polska.

Data transmission in the mobile network

As with the fixed network, mobile traffic increased with the onset of the pandemic and stabilized at a level higher by about 15%. Another leap was similarly noticeable from the beginning of the school year until the end of 2020.

Among the mobile internet generations, LTE has a significant advantage, as more than 94% of all data on Orange’s mobile network is transmitted using this technology. As much as 99.88% of the country’s population is within the range of Orange Polska’s LTE, and work on improving network capacity by means of bandwidth aggregation is still ongoing. Currently, there are 10 thousand. stations with aggregation, of which over 4 thousand. supports 4 LTE frequencies. In June 2020, the refarming project was completed to modernize selected stations, and thus allocate more space for LTE traffic.

Optical fiber

The operator also emphasizes that in recent years a lot of emphasis has been placed on expanding the range of the optical fiber. In the years 2017-2020, a total of almost PLN 2.8 billion was allocated to these works. Currently, Orange Światłowód is available to 1 million households in 154 cities. This accounts for 35% of all households, and apart from them, 60% of Orange base stations also use optical fiber.

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