Orange Polska names main strategic pillars for the coming years

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Orange Polska’s objectives remain consistent with the Group’s strategy in all European markets. The main pillars of the strategy for the coming years are the expansion of the fiber optic market, development of ICT services, and the convergent offer, of which Orange already has 5.4 million customers. Currently, the company is waiting for the start of the 5G auction and hopes that it will be launched in the coming weeks.

The company, on the other hand, is withdrawing from the creation of the bank, announced quite recently, after ending the agreement with mBank in 2018. As the CEO Julien Ducarroz believes,  new player would have a very difficult starting position, since the financial market is very developed and the current players offer very modern services. Instead, the company will strongly develop ICT services, which now provides 25% of revenues in the B2B segment in Poland, according to Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Deputy CEO, in charge of Orange’s operational activities in Europe. Orange Polska will be interested in further acquisitions of interesting ICT companies, especially in the area of cybersecurity, big data or AI.

The CEO also reiterated that in a situation where its competitors on the mobile market (Play and Polsat Plus Group) have sold their telecom towers to Cellnex, it is analyzing various options regarding the future of this infrastructure (its spin-off into a separate entity). To remind, Polkomtel (Polsat Plus) and Play sold their telecommunications towers to the Spain-based Cellnex Telecom or over PLN 10.7bn, which has already announced investments in infrastructure worth over PLN 10bn. It will materialize in the form of additional towers, as well as other types of infrastructure that are needed in Poland. Cellnex Telecom has already committed to build 6,500 additional towers for Playa and Polkomtel. Cellnex Telecom also admitted that the company is looking at the development of telecommunication networks in the Open RAN model.

At the same time, Orange states to be satisfied with the cooperation with T-Mobile within Networks! and does not intend to break it. According to the CEO, the operator is not particularly interested in cooperating with Cellneks in Poland at the moment, although the company does not rule it out in the future when it develops its 5G network, while Networks! could also offer its services to Cellnex.

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