Orange Polska and Veolia will begin their cooperation on the Smart City project

Orange Polska and Veolia will begin their cooperation on the Smart City project

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Veolia, a company dealing with the management of heating networks, and Orange Polska will work together on the Smart City project. The joint initiative will include work on a solution for continuous monitoring of district heating and water supply networks, thus supporting their quality, safety and efficiency.

Effective action in the management of water infrastructure

The whole initiative was initiated during the Economic Forum in Karpacz, where the companies signed a letter of intent. The aim of the “smart city” project is to create solutions that will enable remote monitoring of the operation of heating and water supply networks, as well as the introduction of a smart metering system. A safety aspect is also included in the design, in addition to monitoring for leaks and failures on the internal side of each customer, the system will monitor the quality of the water supplied.

The initiative also assumes cooperation in the field of “smart energy”, a management system for district heating and energy infrastructure used by the companies. The solution will enable, among others, to control controllers of district heating substations, monitor operation of district heating networks, remote reading of heat meters, energy efficiency management of buildings and use communication technology to develop an energy efficiency management platform for the industry.

Polish smart cities

The letter of intent signed by both companies in Poland is only a continuation of the already existing cooperation between Veolia and Orange. This cooperation has been operating at the international level for several years. A pilot project under the cooperation of companies was carried out this year by PWiK Tarnowskie Góry. However, this is only the beginning of the implementation of the water supply system, which will include Miasteczko Śląskie, Tarnowskie Góry, and the borough of Woźniki. Under this project, 16 thousand water meters used by over 73 thousand residents will be replaced.

“About 80 Polish cities already use original smart city solutions from Orange. We enable our clients to efficiently manage infrastructure such as water meters, smoke detectors and city bikes. We have already implemented smart water solutions in 34 cities and towns across the country. We integrate services and technology into one platform that perfectly fits the idea of ​​a “smart city”, allowing you to manage the complete IoT (Internet of Things) service environment: devices, communication and data. We want to dynamically develop this segment of our IoT-based services and we consider cooperation with Veolia to be an important step in this direction” reports Julien Ducarroz, President of Orange Polska.

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