Orange Polska presents plan for development of operator’s services

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Orange Polska has revealed its plans for the company’s strategy, which it intends to implement consistently until the end of 2024. One of the key points of the new strategy is to increase the base of customers using convergent services by 20%. To achieve this goal, Orange plans to invest PLN 3 billion in fiber infrastructure.

8 million households within reach by the end of 2024

According to the plans disclosed, Orange expects its fiber network to reach about 8 million households by the end of the strategy. This is to be facilitated by infrastructural investments to which the operator plans to allocate about PLN 3 billion. Investments are also to be followed by new opportunities offered by access to the fibre-optic network. Orange expects that thanks to the growing coverage (covering half of all households in Poland) and better solutions, its offer will be extended to include new services, including security, smart devices, digital entertainment and clean energy services.

Orange has made no secret of the fact that cooperation with other operators in the market, including the company Światłowód Inwestycje, will be an important point in achieving its goals. The expansion of the fiber network will be implemented as part of a broader new strategy, which Orange has named .Grow. Its operation will be based on key pillars, which include: building value in the company’s core business, creating new business solutions and further digital transformation.

ICT services development

Orange also anticipates the development of the ICT offer, the main determinant of which will be 5G technology. In the announcement, the operator informs that it has already completed the first implementations of private networks based on fifth generation technology using the 3.6 GHz frequency. It also points out that by the end of 2025 I expect the creation of 40 more such networks. Orange predicts that by 2024 all this will translate into an average annual revenue increase of 10% in the ICT sector.

In its new strategy, Orange also plans to emphasize the development of customer service. I predict that by 2024, three-quarters of customers’ service interactions with the company will be through digital channels, and this segment will account for 25% of sales.

Green energy

Apart from business goals, the Orange operator wants to pursue climate neutrality objectives, which it wants to achieve by 2040. One of the first steps will be to reduce CO2 emissions by nearly 65% by 2025. Orange also wants to bet on green energy, which is to account for 60% of the total energy used by the organization.

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