Orange Polska chooses Ericsson to build a 5G core network

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Orange Polska has officially announced that it has found a partner to build a 5G backbone network. The choice fell on the Swedish telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson, and the contract was signed for 5 years.

On February 28, 2022, Orange Polska announced on its website that it was taking further necessary steps to develop the 5G network. For this purpose, as a result of the selection, Ericsson became the partner in the implementation of the dedicated core. The signing paves the way for the deployment of cloud-based 5G Standalone solutions, which will enable even better quality services in the coming years.

Among the main benefits for individual customers, Orange Polska primarily mentions faster data transfer and lower delays. In turn, business customers will be able to meet the need for flexible, scalable, reliable and secure connectivity for real-time applications. This will enable the creation of dedicated installations (so-called network slicing), prioritize specific fragments to secure critical applications or specific needs, and offer different levels of quality and security. 5G SA solutions with virtual network slicing also allow for the development of the offer of mobile private network solutions.

The contract was signed for five years. The solution chosen by Orange makes full use of cloud mechanisms and is a multi-system solution. This means that 4GLTE, 5G Non-Stand Alone and 5G Stand Alone radio technologies are supported by the same core network, providing high performance and low power consumption. Ericsson’s 5G SA solution is a fully scalable solution, allowing for flexible network expansion also using a network architecture distributed to edge nodes (Edge).

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