Orange fibre-optic service benefits from the pandemic


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Up to 700k clients use the Orange fiber-optic service (Orange Światłowód), while the network itself reaches 153 localities. However, the telecommunications provider plans on further works in order to access even more receivers. In recent months, the growth has been boosted by the coronavirus pandemic, and the consequent need to move to remote work and distance learning, which caused additional demand for high-speed fixed lines.

Impressive range of the Orange fibre-optic service

According to the newest data, Orange fibre-optic service (Orange Światłowód) reaches 153 localities, and as a result – 4.9 million households in Poland. In addition, popularity of the offer is still increasing, especially among inhabitants of small places and villages, where almost 20% of households within the FTTH range opt for the offer. In total, the Orange fiber-optic service is already used by 700k clients.

The appreciation of the technology has risen mainly due to the pandemic, when work and education moved online. It is evidenced by the fact, that in the first days of the lockdown in spring, traffic in the Orange landline network has increased by up to half

Development of the network continues

Despite reaching a wide extent of the fiber-optic network, Orange is planning on allocating PLN 700-800m annually in order to widen the range even more. Works in small places are done within the Digital Poland Operational Program, or within Orange’s own investments.

Fibre-optic as a pro-ecological alternative

It is worth mentioning that the investment in the fibre-optic services conduces to preservation of the environment. One Orange client of fiber-optic service uses several times less energy in contrast to expenditure in technology based on copper. Currently, the energy per user is consumed four times less than in 2015, when the fiber-optic technology was introduced on the market.

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