Oracle cloud data security survey


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In this annual edition of Oracle and KPMG’s cloud threat report, it follows that with an increasingly complex IT environment and a growing scale of threats to critical data, protecting sensitive information is becoming an important issue, which is increasingly being addressed by those responsible for IT security.

Lack of consistency in safeguards

Over the past two years, there has been a 3.5-fold increase in the number of organisations with more than half of their data in the cloud. 72% of respondents believe that a public cloud with an external provider is safer than what they can provide in their own data centre.

However, despite the trend to move data to the cloud, there is still little cooperation between companies to improve their security. 78% of companies use more than 50 different cyber security products; 37% use more than 100 such products. To cope with the increasing number of cyber attacks, companies need to cooperate in migration and deployment strategies to eliminate unnecessary risks.

Artificial Intelligence new solution

87% of the world’s IT professionals say that activities based on artificial intelligence and machine learning will be key to ensuring a secure IT environment in their organizations. It is becoming more and more common for companies to include AI-based solutions in their budgets.

As many as 88% of IT experts believe that in the next three years most of their cloud solutions will be based on automated corporate security processes.

The survey was conducted at the turn of 2019 and 2020, by Enterprise Strategy Group on a group of 750 people responsible for selecting, purchasing or managing IT security solutions in companies worldwide.

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