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Polish mobile networks want to be closer to the customer, so they provide them with self-service mobile applications. P4 and Orange already offer such a solution.

Operator in application

Mobile network operators are entering a new dimension of customer service by moving their mobile services and entertainment to a self-service mobile application. The solution, integrated with a payment card, allows, among others, to subscribe to a service with a given operator, transfer a number, purchase subsequent packages with mobile data transmission and added services (VAS), but also to completely resign from being a customer of a given network. The application works with both traditional SIM card and virtual eSIM.

Who has remote self-service?

In Poland, two operators already offer dedicated applications replacing traditional telecom – P4 (Play network operator) and Orange. In December 2017, the first such solution under the Folx.com brand, was launched by P4 on the Polish market. For several months, the brand operated as a virtual operator on P4 networks, and today it is available as a PlayNext offer. In turn, Orange released its analogous solution called Orange Flex at the beginning of May this year. The operator admits that it has been working on the project for 1.5 years and intends to actively promote it, convincing that the self-service application is the future of telecommunications.

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