On the Internet, we most willingly pay for VOD content

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The Polish Economic Institute (PIE) in its report “Business models of media after the pandemic” draws attention to the aspect of using paid content in the Internet, to which Poles are not too convinced. This is particularly visible in the case of news services, where as much as 76% of respondents do not understand the reasons why they should pay for such content. In comparison, paid VOD services are used by more than half of the respondents.

We pay in return for limiting the number of ads

In addition to trends such as remote work and online medical access, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused us to spend more and more of our leisure time online – especially on news portals and in front of the television. According to the Polish Economic Institute, traffic to major news portals has tripled from last year, and time spent in front of the TV has increased by an average of 33 minutes per day. All this translates into the fact that we are paying more and more attention to the manner and quality of content delivered. And here the results are quite surprising. As many as 76% do not understand the reasons why we should pay for information on the Internet. What’s more, 84% are convinced that this content should be free and are annoyed by the lack of access to it.

On the other hand, only a little over a fifth (22%) of respondents are willing to pay for access to information on the Internet, but on condition that they limit the number of advertisements displayed. The same group, when asked about a fair monthly subscription price for a news service, indicated PLN 10.

Most willing to pay for VOD

Of all the content available on the Internet, we are most likely to pay for VOD. According to PIE data, 51% of respondents use paid video on demand. Subscription services for music services (24%) and paid gaming services (14%) are also popular.PIE

The main problem with the subscription model in accessing online content, is its single line nature. Users who want to consume content with different themes are most often doomed to pay several or more bills, which simultaneously increases their spending on online content. This problem is less pronounced in the case of VOD services, where once you buy a subscription (e.g. Netflix) you get access to a variety of content.



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